Thursday, August 21, 2014

Haters exposed

"Shake it Off" is about the haters. And if you read the reviews the haters stand out. The song on its own is terrific, but add a sensational video - pure entertainment. The song speaks for itself. The video is funny with Taylor self deprecating as usual.

The haters are those that don't listen or watch yet criticise. The haters are those that watch the video and criticise the dance mistakes not realizing that the mistakes are purposeful. The haters are those that can't appreciate humor. The haters are those that can't appreciate quality performance merely because Taylor is a success.

The biggest haters are the various reviewers from assorted gossip media. They can't grasp that Taylor has evolved - she is 24 now. The song isn't about Styles or Mayer or any ex-boyfriend. One might argue that the song is somewhat similar to "Mean." But it is a song and video that entertains. If you don't laugh during the video then count yourself as a natural born hater.

Two good reviews:

Taylor Swift's New Album, 1989, Breaks No Rules Whatsoever - Businessweek: If you want to understand how the music industry works, all you have to do is follow Taylor Swift. "She does things smoothly and cleanly so that they turn out as shiny and perfect as her red lipstick."

Taylor Swift Goes Pop: Why 'Shake It Off' Is a Great Sign For Things to Come | Billboard: "With "Shake It Off," music's most dependable superstar dives into the unknown… and sticks the landing."

The reviewer asks: "Was that Taylor Swift gone, replaced by an artist whose most unique features had been sanded off?"

"But then I listened to "Shake It Off" again, and started noticing the immaculate design -- the way she connects the lines of her verses with "mm-mm's," the handclaps that she conjures when she's about to drop that "sick beat" in the bridge, the descending notes in the chorus ("Players gonna play, play, play, play play") that make her declarations about the state of the world sound all the more inevitable."
"Shake It Off" is not, in fact, the sound of Swift losing her most defining features, or becoming a generic pop artist. Taylor is still being Taylor, the type of writer any musician would dream of becoming, but she's shedding her damaged skin like a snake and morphing into a more carefree, confident narrator. "
Lyrics. Video.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Taylor Swift 24 finally.

New song and new video debuts. "Shake it Off" is the new single from her new album 1989 (+24). It has been pretty obvious that Taylor and her music has been naturally evolving. She started country - plain and simple. Then in the next albums her music became only a little bit country. Red was mostly pop. 1989 is slated to be pop. "Shake it Off" is sure fire evidence of that.

It really should not come as any surprise. New York doesn't beget country songs. Maybe when she was going to all of those dance classes she was recording her album and video. Good job gossip media. It is doubtful that she will be moving back to Nashville any time soon. Nashville doesn't do pop.

The video is terrific with a lots of humor. I am looking forward to the album release in the latter part of October.

See Meet the many sides of Taylor Swift in her new video for ‘Shake it Off for the video and some Vine and Instagram type videos. Check her Twitter page too.

Some might argue that her fan base will decrease or take on a radically different composition, i.e., her country fans will jump ship. But, Taylor's music has always been unique even though early on it fit the "country" definition. Her fans though are her fans because of Taylor. Her music will always be accepted by them. She is her own genre.

You know, she really gets a lot out of life and gives a lot back. An amazing and talented person. She is 24 and grown up. And her music will reflect that. She continues in charge of her life and career.

Taylor Swift - sui generis.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New album about to drop?

What else could it be? There are the clues she has been leaving on her Twitter page and her upcoming appearances on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and on the Late Night with Zeth Meyers. Check out her video (see below) promoting her visit on the Tonight Show.

Although all the clues are alleged to be pointing to a question and answer session on Yahoo Live, it is doubtful that there isn't more to happen. Most likely the announcement concerning the release date of the new album. Otherwise that would be a waste of clues. Besides everyone knows the new album is about to be released and she is expected (hopefully) to sing one of the new songs when she performs at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Maybe on Fallon or Meyers?

There is a lot of marketing going on for it not to be related to something of significance to her fans.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Perez Hilton gets it right - well mostly

Taylor Swift's Interview Gets Interrupted By A Fan On A Boat & What Happens Next Will Make You Love Her Even More!.

The other gossip media had Taylor in Central Park with a "male friend." Perez Hilton was the first to identify the friend as a reporter for Rolling Stone, but too bad he didn't name the reporter. And he had the full story, not made up as the other media had done.

Take a look at the photos of her in Central Park - she seems to get better looking as she ages.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Clever, clever marketing

Taylor Swift recognized the value of social media long ago when there was a Myspace. She used Myspace to market herself and her music. Now she use Twitter and Instagram to further those marketing ends. And best yet is that she recognizes that a walk down the street or even out to the waiting security van - she gains that much needed positive attention.

Her Twitter feed is monitored closely by the gossip media. Her Instagram posts are regularly repeated in the media. Her "Finding wings in New York City" [see my post] is a great example of promoting others while promoting herself. She knows how to connect and she does it so simply - it is natural to her.

Google Taylor Swift and you find the media falls all over itself photographing her as she goes out each and every day. And each day she is dressed all so simple but all so attractive. She is just gorgeous without being obscene. She has a knack for style and substance.

Thus, each day she gets positive press without one marketing dollar. There is not one celebrity that gets this kind of daily press. She is clever, very clever. One wonders why she needs a publicist.

And writing that op-ed in the Wall Street Journal - ingenious.